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Welcome to Skip Shapiro Enterprises, LLC ~ Food & Beverage Waste Recycling Services

Skip Shapiro Enterprises, LLC

 "One-Stop Food & Beverage Waste Recycling Service."

With Over 30 Years of Experience

America's Leading Organic Waste Management Company


           Skip Shapiro Enterprises, LLC provides a strategic alternative to food & beverage destruction. We emphasize a cost-effective resource-efficiency through on-site and off-site product destruction, liquid recovery, and container recycling practices.

           Today's beverage product destruction industry is characterized by many small, decentralized companies.  Suppliers in this valued chain provide beverage companies

with a fragmented range of services. Services that can include any combination of bulk liquid management, disposal and recovery; material recycling, logistics support and also tax recovery services.

           This fragmentation not only results in high cost and inefficiencies, but also limits opportunities for more strategic and cost-effective solutions, such as recycled commodity gain sharing and hedging.  Moreover, product security may be limited by the small size and limited indemnity offered by product security and de-casing suppliers.

           The demand for a more comprehensive range of greener and more resource-efficient product destruction and security services led to the creation of Skip Shapiro Enterprises. Unlike competition, we offer more than one hundred handpicked processing locations strategically positioned throughout North America.  We therefore offer the best of both worlds- low cost

of destruction, handling fees, and most importantly far less freight costs, without high organizational costs.


           Organics Recycling Management

Legal, environmentally friendly, economic destruction of unsaleable beverage and food packaged products generated during production.  Outdated finished product located

anywhere in North America within your supply chain. 


           Product Recall Management Including Logistics

Extensive economic options for liquid/organic waste disposal in beverage/food production facilities or copackers.

           We've teamed up with the biggest and the best based upon over thirty years experience servicing the "who's who" of the food and beverage industries.

           Skip Shapiro Enterprises, LLC is a truly green company maximizing reuse, recycling, and recovery.  We're your one-stop shopping and best waste disposal solution, offering the following services:



   Management of

        Organics Recycling

        Out-of-date products

        Unsaleable finished goods

        Liquid Waste streams

        Ingredient Waste


        Product Recall

        Collection and logistics

        Product security and destruction

        Material recycling and recovery

        Customer tax/duty management; BATF tax broker

        U.S. Customs and drawback

        Internet-based system


        Market study

        Trend analysis

        Customized reporting


        Date of destruction

        Date out-of-service

        COD (Certificate of Destruction)

        Environmental management

        Commodity rebates

        Management of indirect recyclables

        Management of indirect waste

        Personnel training

        Assured destruction - On-site    Off-site      Shared site


  Value Added Services


        Web cam

        National offer

        Commodity hedging

        Tax collection

        Material exchange

        Reverse logistics / back-end hauls

        100% recovery, non-landfill






Skip Shapiro Enterprises, LLC

"One-Stop Food & Beverage Waste Recycling Service."


Please send all inquiries to:


Office: 508-998-5944

Fax: 810-958-4695

Cell: 617-594-1429



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